Janine Jones

St. Thomas, ON

About Janine

Views from the 519 and beyond

I am a photographer + content creator located in Southwestern Ontario, Canada

Photography is life.

My interest in photography started in 1989, when I was given a cheap generic 110 format camera from my grandparents for Christmas. I had spent my childhood years in awe of Polaroid cameras, and watching photos get printed through the window at the local photo shop in the mall. I would take photos of friends in a sort of documentary style. I also took event and landscape photos. Whatever I was interested in. I later graduated to a Kodak Advantix camera. I was completely in love with the fact I could now take wide panoramic landscape shots, and boy did I take a lot of those.

I ended up working as a graphic designer throughout my 20’s; my first job was around the corner from a camera shop on the quays in Dublin City Centre in 2001. I would walk by that store every day, wishing I could afford an SLR. Instead, I bought a Fuji Finepix 1.3mp camera — and that was my entry into the world of digital photography. I remained shooting with bridge cameras until 2008, when I decided to get serious about my passion in photography.

My first DSLR was a Nikon D80 with a kit lens. I started teaching myself through books and online articles. My thirst for knowledge couldn’t be quenched. I started buying more lenses, and then I tried out a friend’s Canon 60D, and was completely enamoured. I then bought a Canon 5D Mark II, and shortly after, enrolled myself into a formal digital photography course at Open College Dublin. I received my qualification in January of 2012.

I have shot with lots of different types of cameras. I still own Fuji, Olympus, Sony, and Canon, of course. I love lots of different types of formats. I love learning the limitations of each, and getting creative with whatever camera I have on me at the time. Even if it’s a GoPro, or an iPhone.

Here are some of the projects I'm looking to work on for you:
- Aerial photography
- Lifestyle photography
- Architecture (real estate) photography
- Travel / Landscape photography
- Automotive photography
- Logo design
- Social media post + story graphics
- Posters, flyers, etc.

If you are interested in working with me, please get in touch!